About Us

Raycadent Medical Technology Production Partner in 2017 based on the experiences of its founders and after a long period of research in the field of dental materials and equipment, design and production and using the world’s knowledge and relying on research and development and believing in improving the health of the society It was established as a manufacturing company and in 2018, it succeeded in obtaining knowledge-based approval from the Vice President of Science and Technology.

This company is currently engaged in producing dental amalgam powder, as its first product, in the field of manufacturing restorative materials and dental consumables, and is committed to implementing the requirements of international standards ISO2005:2016, ISO13485:2016, ISO24234: 2015 and by complying with the legal and regulatory requirements as well as the strategies of the organization, it has acted to identify and meet the needs of the beneficiaries. 

Rycadent amalgam

It contains 45% insulation with a high percentage of copper and has an admixed morphology (combination of spherical and chipped powder) and does not contain the gamma 2 phase. The design and manufacturing of Raycadent capsules has been done in such a way that mixing and amalgamation is the easiest and best. The shape takes place in it.

The combined spherical and chip structure of Rycadent amalgam powder, as well as proper amalgamation, leads to a very high compressive strength and minimizes the possibility of the restoration breaking and creates a hard and durable restoration.

Raycadent amalgam capsules are in accordance with ISO13485 standard and their mechanical properties have been confirmed by the reference laboratory. 

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Location : No76,front of Derakhti alley,dadman Blvd,Shahrak Gharb,Tehran Iran