About Raycadent

Rayka Medical Technology Production Partner in 2017 based on the experiences of its founders and after a long period of research in the field of dental materials and equipment, design and production and using the world’s knowledge and relying on research and development and believing in improving the health of the society It was established as a manufacturing company and in 2018, it succeeded in obtaining knowledge-based approval from the Vice President of Science and Technology.

Raycadent brand amalgams

The mechanical properties of Raikadent brand amalgams are based on the data of tests conducted by reference laboratories and approved by the General Directorate of Medical Equipment, and the charts presented are based on the data of tests conducted in the specialized laboratory of Rayka Technology Company. 

Raycadent Amalgam Powder

is an advaced NON GAMMA 2 and zinc free amalgam with hogh copper content and excellent performance. The self-activating encapsulation system of RAYCADENT amalcaps ensure accurate mixing of the alloy powder and mercury along with safe handling and the best amalgamation

Raycadent Prouduct